About – Redvana

Hello & Welcome to Redvana!

Hello and welcome to Redvana. Located in Bethel Park, PA, we have unique capabilities working with a wide range of materials that can bring specialized décor to you. We started as a sheet metal manufacturer and continue to do much of that work today. Cutting, bending, drilling, and welding is a daily activity we enjoy when creating high quality products. On some cups or awards, we may import a few items and print or etch here in Bethel Park, PA.
Using a 4,000 watt CO2 laser, along with a fiber optic laser and UV LED printing capabilities, we can build products as well as print and etch onto many types of metals and acrylics.

Every picture and metal or acrylic sign is created and manufactured right here in Bethel Park, PA.

What sets us apart is that we produce most of the items individually. Quality goes into every level of the craftsmanship.
Our pictures aren’t posters or rolled up canvas that you need to frame on your own. The Acrylics’ we use for our pictures are high quality. We print onto the Acrylic in reverse on the back so that you don’t even need to frame them. Hanging options are available in many ways using standoff wall hanging ideas that look fantastic. This makes cleaning and hanging easy to do when creating your own décor. If you desire motivational quotes, please visit our Motivational Picture section.

Our metal signs are also unique and can be made of Aluminum, Stainless Steel, or Carbon Steel. If you want that rustic look, we can make that happen as well.
Thank you for visiting our site and we hope you enjoy whatever creation you select gives your home décor that quality that says “made right here in the USA.”