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Bare Metal, 14" x 14", Available in 5 Sizes & 4 shapes

This sign is made from Carbon Steel. This is a Bare Metal Finish and is exactly what it looks like from the manufacturing of the metal. All metal signs come with multiple styles of hanging options. Depending on font sizes, design Guidelines in “Design your own” are the following:
14" x 14" - 18 characters per line, 5 lines max on sign
18" x 18" - 26 characters per line, 6 lines max on sign
36" x 24" - 150 characters for the base price (characters per line and line count will vary by landscape mode or portrait mode)
For the additional "longer quote" fee, you can go up to 500 characters, depending on font style and size. Images and text displayed are for mock-up purposes. We will follow up with you if clarification of your design is required.
ALL SHAPES ARE SELECTED IN THE DESIGN YOUR OWN AREA. The shapes include Square, Rectangle, Oval, & Circle
Shipping Date: Within 3 Business Days
Most of the Design Your Own metal items can be shipped within one business day. Complex icon or art items take up to 3 business days. Delivery dates will vary based on the shipping plan opt out by customers during product checkout.
  • BareMetal
  • SandBlasted
  • RustPatina
  • MachineBrushed
  • HandBrushed
  • BlackPaint
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This metal sign can be easily customized in our "Design Your Own" area, with your favorite inspirational quote, a personalized wedding message, or religious passage.  Use our new features that include symbols and art that can be clicked and dragged onto your metal piece to help make your piece of art stand out.  

It makes a memorable and meaningful gift or decor item.

Our metal signs are made out of sturdy steel and will not crack, break, or ruin over time. This sign can be a family heirloom for years to come.

The letters are cut out of the sign, exposing the background behind them.

The number of letters on a metal piece will depend upon the font size you use.  Remember that the fonts may need to be slightly changed in order to avoid cut outs of the entire letter.  You can also create a larger sign by selecting a larger size to fit larger character quotes.  If you are uncertain, please email us or call us to see the fit before we cut the metal.  Send us a message of your quote and we will send you a proof to approve before we cut.

Please choose from our fonts, keeping in mind that space will be more limited with some of the cursive fonts.

The normal gauge steel used is 14 gauge and the holes are .200" diameter, unless you otherwise request larger. 

If you want to include a larger size sign and want a lighter weight material, we can substitute aluminum metal signs for the carbon steel.


Please select the finish you’d like corresponding with the sign image. Clear coating is available on top of every finish except bare metal.

Clear coat will help prevent rust forming on the sign.  You may desire to also include clear coat on the rusted signs in an effort to eliminate rust from rubbing off onto other items.

*PLEASE NOTE* unfinished metal will rust much quicker over time. If you do not purchase the protective clear coat or a painted sign, the metal will likely rust rather quickly. While the clear coat will help prevent this, we cannot guarantee it will not start to shows signs of rust over time.

Please select how many holes you’d like for hanging. 2 holes are cut in the top 2 corners. 4 holes are cut in each corner. If mounting to a wall, it is recommended to use sturdy nails or screws. You can also use stand-offs or anchors with our signs. If no selection is specified, we will put two holes in the upper corners as shown in the listing.

Please note that our default selections if none are requested will be Font #3, right justified, two hanging holes, and machine brushed.

Customized orders are non-refundable.

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