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Wine Vineyard Sign, Personalized, 21 3/4" Diameter Metal Sign

14 gauge Carbon Steel, 21 3/4" Round Carbon Steel Personalized Wine Vineyard Sign. Makes a great gift for a home decor area or behind a bar.
The size is the exact dimension required to fit the top of a wine barrel. The personalized feature provides you that special touch of class during wine tasting events.
If using on wine barrels, no hanging option is required. Double sided adhesive tape works perfectly.
Available in rustic metal or painted black.
Made in Bethel Park, PA, USA!
  • Rust Patina
    Rust Patina
  • Black Paint
    Black Paint
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The pictures and price shown here is for a 21 3/4" diameter sign.  However, larger diameter sizes are available.  The largest size diameter circular sign we cut is 47".

The Dimension of 21 3/4" is the exact measurement to fit perfectly for the top or bottom of wine barrels. 

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