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Space Shuttle Over Earth 11 x 17

Space Shuttle Discovery docking 1/8″ Acrylic 11″ x 17″
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Picture can be printed on Canvas, Acrylic, or on Metal. Canvas is sized at 11″ x 14″. Acrylic and Metal sizes are 11″ x 17″.
Unlike other companies who offer only poster style pictures, Canvas pictures have proven to last centuries. We print the pictures onto canvas and it allows for a lot of detail, while keeping the softer, less edgy look of Metal, Acrylic, or the simple paper poster prints. You can frame these pictures to provide a more traditional look and appeal, or with our thin canvas you can attach our center 3/4″ standoff to provide a mixture of traditional and modern appeal. You also never need to worry about broken glass. Choose multi canvas scenes and gain a window style look that has you feeling as if you are in the scene. The nice feature of a canvas printing is that it reduces glare, it doesn’t require glass that causes reflections and is lighter in weight. These are great for both personal and office décor.

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